Full Body Massage

Chinese Magic Bamboo

60 min DHs 210

A warm bamboo stick works as an extension of the therapists’ hand to find tensions and dissolve knots and trigger points. Deep tissue massage with less pains.

Hawaiian Ritual

75 min DHs 240

This traditional massage works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continous, flowing strokes, allowing the recipient to relax and dive in to the nurturing touch.

Sabai Sabai

60 min DHs 175

Deep tissue full body massage, which reduces knots and joint stiffness, improves your blood circulatiotion for your best relaxing and well-being  time.

Touch of Eternity

75 min DHs 220

Our signature massage combines 3 techniques to get the best well-being ... forget your daily stress and feel your muscles relaxed. 

Ayurvedic Explotion

60 min DHs 210

Traditional mix of dry and oil massage to stimulate connective tissue and metabolism and to soothe dry skin.

Tropical Dream

60 min DHs 175

Reduces your pains and joint stiffness, improves your blood circulation and stimulate your senses with our range of aroma oils. 

Asias Wisdom

40 min | Back,Neck,Shoulder | DHS 165

60 min | Full Body Massage | DHs 240

90 min | Full Body Massage | DHS 285

A hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy. It’s used to help you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body.

Back Massage


30 min DHs 135

Deep tissue massage which helps relive muscular tension and release knots in back, neck and shoulders.


40 min DHS 145

Energetic back massage to relax the spinal column. It's relieving discs and help to prevent back pains.

Mai Thai

30 min DHs 135

This Thai Herbal Balm Massage is especially for back pain, decreased muscle tension and stiffness.

Foot & Head Massage

Walking on Clouds

60 min DHs 155

Invigorating and deeply relaxing original Thai foot massage involving knuckles, fingers and bamboo stick to stimulate reflex points all over the body.

Japanese Foot Shiatsu

30 min DHs 105

A reflexology treatment aiming to treat the whole body through pressure points in the feet. Reflexology can help relieve specific conditions and aid relaxation. 

Japanese Head Shiatsu

25 min DHs 105

Pressure based therapy designed to reduce stress, alleviate chronic head pain and encourage physical and mental well-being.