Body & Soul

Please note, that all massages are based to reach the best physical results.


Standard massages can't be adjusted according to clients demand.

African Spirit

90 min DHs 305

Epsom Salt Scrub & 1 hour Massage for Skin Softening, Easing Muscles


An amazing body scrub that softens and moisturizes the skin. It eases aches and soreness from muscles, while softens dry skin. Perfect for all types of skin. Especially athletes and active people swear on the benefit to alleviate and prevent sore muscles.

Summer Sensation

90 min DHs 305

Orange Sugar Scrub & 1 hour Massage for all skin types


Enjoy a smell of summer with our high quality orange sugar scrub followed by a full body massage with sweet

orange oil. 100% natural scrub and massage oil.


Coffee Dream

90 min DHs 305

Coffee Salt Scrub & 1 hour Massage best for Exfoliation, Controlling Cellulite, Regeneration


Coffee Beans stimulate the senses and encourage blood flow to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. More scrub ingredients like Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Argan and Macadamia Oil exfoliate your skin while a full body oil massage with rich almond oil completes your treatment. Your skin feels smoother and looks youthful and rejuvenated.

Asian Temptation

90 min DHs 305

Salt Scrub & 1 hour Massage best for Exfoliation, Skin Softening


That scrub procedure will be arranged in our Hammam area on a warm heated bench followed by a full body massage on the comfortable massage bed. Perfect treatment for the ones which likes a deep peeling effect.


Enjoy an awesome treatment with our 100% pure natural Salt Scrub with an aroma of Sakura.

Asian Summer Breeze

90 min DHs 305

Creamy Body Scrub & 1 hour Massage personalized for all skin types


With our natural scrub you do something good for your skin. Enjoy a heavenly creamy scrub followed by a full body massage with a beautiful aromatic oil.



Unwind After Work

45 min DHs 200

In-chair Neck/Shoulder Massage & Smoothing Foot Bath & Foot Massage


Cool down from a stressful day and enjoy a relaxing neck and shoulder massage, smoothing and foamy foot bath followed by a relaxing foot massage. A wonderful antidote to a busy day