Choose one of our BESTSELLERS which are the actual hot cakes. Always for the best quality/price ratio!

Senses Foot Spa

75 min AED 125 (%promotional rate)

Full Pedicure  •  Smoothing Foot Mask

20 min. Foot Reflexology Massage


Heavenly Feet

45 min AED 95

Foamy Foot Bath   •  Callus Removing  •  Sugar Scrub  •   Smoothing Foot Mask

20 minutes Foot Reflexology Massage

Deluxe Combo

120 min AED 205

Full Manicure  •   Full Pedicure

1 hour Traditional Thai Foot Massage


Skincare Deluxe

75 min AED 225 (%promotional rate)

Classic 9 steps facial treatment - purifying and nurturing facial treatment to garget individual needs including extraction of black and white heads. After a short skin analysis we are using exact the products which are supporting the skin type.


(cleaning, refreshing, exfoliating, steaming, extractioning, eye cream, skin complex, mask, day cream)

Mai Thai

30 min AED 99 (% promotional rate)

Back Massage with Pure Thai Herbal Balm for back pain, decreased muscle tension and stiffness

Classic Combo

45 min AED 100 (%promotional rate)

Full Mancicure   •  Full Pedicure 

including longlasting regular nail polish


Alessandro HandSpa   “Classic”

75 min AED 100 (%promotional rate)

A perfect wellness care for your hands and nails 

Manicure  •  Hand Peeling  •  Nail Peeling  Hand Bath  •  Mask  •  Nail Butter 

Hand Massage  •   Nail Polish