Choose one of our Autumn Bestsellers which are the actual hot cakes. 

Valid until 31st October 2023

Skincare Derma

approx. 50 min DHs 225 (regular DHs 275)

Microdermabrasion treatment

(cleaning, cleansing, exfoliation, microdermabrasion, mask, eye cream, serum day cream)

Asian Tempation

90 min DHs 220 (regular DHs 290)

That scrub procedure will be arranged in our Hammam area on a warmheated bench followed by a full body massage. Perfect treatment for the one’swhich likes a deep peeling effect. Enjoy an awesome treatment with our 100%pure natural salt scrub with an aroma of Sakura.


Tropical Dream or Sabai Sabai

60 min  DHs 180 (regular DHs 245)

Deep tissue (Sabai Sabai) or soft tissue (Tropical Dream) massage which helps relievemuscular tension and release knots in back, neck and shoulders.

Skincare Derma Plus

approx. 75 min DHs 245 (regular DHs 295)

Microdermabrasion treatment

including extractions of black heads

(cleaning, cleansing, exfoliation,extractioning, microdermabrasion, mask, eye cream, serum day cream)

Classic Combo

approx.60 min DHs 145 (regular DHs 19)

Full Manicure | Full Pedicure 

including regular nail polish

Gel Polish Combo

approx. 75 min DHs 185 (regular DHs 225)

Full Manicure | Full Pedicure 

including gel nail polish

NEW Natural Nail Spa

approx. 60 min DHs 95 

Healthy and natural nails without polish

Nail filing and shaping, Cuticle removing,

Sugar Almond Nail Peeling,

Hand Peeling, Hand Bath, Nail Butter, Cream Royal Hand Mask, Shiny Buffing